In Memory of Richard LoPresti "Hydro"
4/11/1936 - 7/29/2002

Richie LoPresti was a charter member of The Italian Angels. He was a loyal and hard working member who was always there when needed for anyone who asked.

As a retired police officer from New York City you would think that he was a hard man, but "Hydro" was a soft spoken, gentle person who seldom raised his voice in anything but laughter.

Along with his family, Richie has been and will continue to be missed by his friends and his brother Italian Angels.
In Memory of Michael Condatore "Nasty"
10/19/1944 - 3/10/2010

Remembering Nasty.................
Nasty made the Italian Angels his family. He lived up to his name but remained a loyal friend and brother to us all. Underneath that gruff exterior was the man we came to know and love.

Being Sgt of Arms for Italian Angels was a responsibility he loved and took seriously. He will be missed by all.
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In Honor of Our Fallen Brothers
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The Italian Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood
The Italian Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood
Italian Angels Motorcycle
Brotherhood Of Tampa Bay
Founded 2001
In Memory of Kenny Cardinale "Fingers"
6/12/1949 - 5/9/2014
Remembering FINGERS..............

Kenny Cardinale (aka) Fingers was a Charter Member, an original member when the club was formed in 2001.
Fingers was always willing to help the brotherhood in anyway possible; he served on the board of directors as secretary and remained as an active board member until he was no longer able to.  He played a big part in club fundraisers. 
Fingers was an entertainer who loved music & played guitar which is where the road name "Fingers" came from.  He often lent his talents as a DJ to benefit club events.
Fingers was a loyal Brother to the club.  He had a typical hot Italian temper, but always had a heart of gold.  He was loved by all and will be missed dearly.  RIP brother. 
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In Memory of George Clark "Hollywood"
12/14/1948 - 3/19/2009

Remembering Hollywood.................
We will always remember Hollywood as an American Vietnam Vet with a love for riding his motorcycle, putting temporary tattoos on the ladies and a having a good time.

While situations may have made it seem otherwise (in his heart) Hollywood remained a loyal friend and Italian Angel. We are saddened at the loss of our friend and brother.
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In Memory of Salvatore Inglanne
9-14-38 /10-16-14

Remembering our Brother Salvi.  Salvi was always there if any Italian Angel Brother was in need. He loved riding hard and fast! A true Nomad, did not particular like rules, but loved always hanging with the Italian Angels and Lady Angels. Even when he had left the Club for about a year, came back because he loved being with all of us. That's what kept him in Uniform. We were his Family! He will be missed dearly from all of us.
1-10-47 / 8-31-16
Remembering Brooklyn:  Tony Feminella aka "Brooklyn," and some also knew him as Little Tony who was a true Patriot. When he rode with us, he displayed a large American Flag on back of his bike.  He believed in always supporting the Vets! Was considered by his Italian Angel Brothers and other MC Clubs to be a Giant of a Man! A true Brother to all of us. He would always be there for all of us. A one of a kind Man! He touched so many lives! He will be truely missed by hundreds of Family, Friends and all of his Italian Angel Brothers and Sisters!
RIP Our Beloved Brother!
7-14-1955 / 3-21-2017
Ron Mazzerese aka "Mazz"
Remembering our Brother "Cutter"

Louis J. Marzullo aka "Cutter"
08-07-1938   11-04-2018
Louis Marzullo aka Cutter joined The Italian Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood in 2003. Got the name "Cutter" because he had a Barber shop in Dunedin, Florida for many years. He had a heart of gold, would help any Italian Angel Brother at a time in need.  He served as Sergeant of Arms. A very Loyal Brother to all of us. He will be missed.
Remembering Our Brother Mazz.
Our Brother Mazz was very proud of his Sicilian Heritage. He loved riding his motorcycle! With Mazz is what you saw is what you got. He never had a problem taking his false teeth out any place or anytime! You knew it was a special occasion when his teeth were in! He had a Heart of Gold and would help anyone in need! He never went riding without his cigarettes and a bar of Hershey's Chocolate! If you loved Oldie's music then ride next to Mazz  cause he loved listening to his Oldie's music when riding his Motorcycle.  We will all miss him very much!
Remembering our Brother "Cutter"

Louis J. Marzullo
08-07-1938   11-04-2018
In Memory of Bob Mauro "Wingman."  1-22-1948 /6-12-2021. Remembering our Brother Wingman, Wingman became a Member in 2002. Served almost 20 years as Secretary on the Board of Directors. A very Loyal Brother. His wife Sandy passed away just one month before Wingman. They both will be very missed!